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Dec 5, 2019

Stocking Stuffers & More: Presents Your Pup Will Love

Stocking Stuffers & More: Presents Your Pup Will Love

It is normal to want to spoil your pup over the holiday season. 

Your pets are a part of your family.

It can be difficult to decide what is a good present for your doggie. There are many options to choose from for both stocking stuffers and wrapped gifts. Take a look at the gift ideas below to start your search. 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dogs

Naughty or Nice? Let’s be real, your dog will make a mess with a stocking full of coal...

Here are some simple stocking stuffer ideas for your pup:

  • Glow in the Dark Ball: Give your pup a fun play toy that is easy to use at night-time. The “Chew King Fetch Ball” is a great option but there are endless glow in the dark dog balls out there. Search around for the best fit for your pup.
  • Personalized Bandana: Order a cool doggy bandana with his or her name on it. Personalized dog bandanas come with many different themes so you will have no problem finding something suitable for your pup.
  • Self-Care Products: Throw in a refreshing 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner and ear wash to spoil your pup. These items are also necessities so it’s a “two birds, one stone” kind of choice.  
  • Treat Dispensers: Interactive toys that release treats when played with are fun and also provide your dog with mental stimulation. Some quality examples of such products include the “KONG Wobbler”, StarMark Bob-a-Lot”, and “Dog Tornado”.
  • 11x14 Portraits: Get a custom portrait or take a picture of your doggy, cartoonize it and get it printed somewhere. Slap this art above your pup’s bed or in another commonly visited area to remind them how much you care.

Dog Gifts for Under the Christmas Tree

Your pup should have a few gifts under the Christmas tree too. 

For the biggest dog lovers… here are some great ideas!

Healthy Supplements for Dogs

Trick your pup with healthy supplements that they’ll think are just yummy treats! 

Try an advanced hip and joint supplement. These soft chews will help support your pup’s joint health and are sure to have their tail wagging.  The holidays are just the start of the cold winter season when arthritis pain tends to worsen. This is an especially common issue for older dogs. A safe and effective hip and joint support for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes - this supplement improves your dog’s joint health, eases discomfort, and increases mobility.

Probiotics are another great supplement to add to your dog’s routine. An advanced probiotics supplement helps your pup maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in their tummy and entire intestinal tract. A healthy gut is not only the key to a strong immune system and healthy digestion but also to strong brain function. 

Top it off with a 5-in-1 multivitamin for dogs to makes sure your pup is getting the proper daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Perfect for all ages, sizes, and breeds, these soft chew multivitamins promote healthy cardiovascular function, digestion, immunity system, joints, and skin and coat. Every dog should be taking a multivitamin. 

The Furbo Dog Camera

The “Furbo Dog Camera” is perfect for dog owners that are not always home. It comes with a 1080p Full HD camera that you can stream through your smartphone. A built-in microphone and speaker gives 2-way audio functionality. You can talk to your pup through your phone with this device!

This device features a barking alert and also comes with a treat-tossing function. You can store up to 100 treats⁠—1cm diameter is ideal. You receive a 90-day free trial to the “Furbo Dog Nanny” service with your purchase. This service gives you cloud recording functionality, smart alerts, and a daily Doggie Diary.

Dog Treadmill

The winter season means less time in the outdoors. Many dog breeds thrive off of physical stimulation year-long. A treadmill for your dog will help cut down on the lack of physical activity. Remaining sedentary for a long period of time can increase your dog’s risk of injury and health issues.

A normal treadmill would work but there are specialty treadmills as well. Check out this list of top dog treadmills to get an idea of what’s available. This gift is great for dogs of all ages and helps with reducing bad behavior that is the result of extra energy.

Spoil Your Pup This Holiday 

There are so many great gifts for your pup this holiday. If you are in search of more ideas, check out one of our recent blogs on amazing dog-friendly tech gifts. The options for doggy gifts are endless. Be creative and thoughtful with your choices.  

Check out the Doggie Dailies shop to stock up on healthy treats, gifts & gear.

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