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Nov 19, 2021

18 Perfect Presents for Dogs & Dog Lovers

18 Perfect Presents for Dogs & Dog Lovers

The holidays are here! It’s time to give thanks, and show your love and gratitude for your friends and family. Based on our calculations, your dog ranks pretty high on the list of those you love. 

As they say, it’s better to give than to receive. Show your pup some love with a few special presents. From high-tech toys to functional treats, our good dog gift guide has your doggie covered.

18 Thoughtful Presents for Your Canine Companion this Holiday

  1. Snuggle Puppy by SmartPetLove

    snuggle puppy

    Whether crate training, a new transition or perhaps a thunderstorm, the Snuggle Puppy is here to help. This soft pup is designed to comfort and help relieve anxiety in your dog. It recreates the intimacy and physical warmth of cuddling. It even has a “real-feel” heartbeat!

  2. Treat Dispensing Dog Toys by Wainbowa

    dog treat dispenser


    This pack of four treat dispensing balls will keep your pup physically and mentally stimulated, as they work to get all the treats out of the balls!  Perfect for when your pup wants attention but you have a zoom meeting. Load the balls with treats or kibble and let your dog go to work.

  3. Doggie Dailies Functional Soft Chews

    dog treats

    From gut health to joint health and everything in between, Doggie Dailies Functional Soft Chews help support your dog’s health and wellness with tasty and effective treats. Our soft chews make it easy to provide your dog with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep their tails wagging. Made in the USA with premium ingredients. Formulated by scientists for effectiveness and taste. Devoured by Dogs!

  4. Smart Bone by Wickedbone

    high tech dog bone


    This high tech dog bone will solve your pup’s boredom and become their favorite play pal. The Smart Bone is programmed to attract your dog’s attention and keep playtime going by reacting to your dog. You can either set it to automatic or remotely control the bone from your phone. 

  5. Suction Cup Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

    super chewers

    Do you have a super chewer? This suction cup rope ball toy will give them the ultimate tug of war test. Secure it to any smooth surface, add a few treats to the ball, and let your dog enjoy. 

  6. Doggie Dailies Bone Broth Boost

    dog bone broth

    Made with real chicken bone broth, our three new functional bone broths are an easy and delicious way to add a boost of flavor and nutritional support to your dog's daily mealtime. The three savory broths include Hip & Joint Support loaded with essential joint nutrition, Immune Support packed with vitamins & antioxidants, and Digestive Support with the power of tribiotics.

  7. Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

    dog shower head

    Splish Splash, your doggie is taking a bath! This 2-in-1 sprayer and scrubber will make bath time a breeze! You can even adjust the water flow. Just attach the aquapaw to a standard shower head pipe or to a garden hose for quick, easy bath.

  8. Memory Foam Dog Bed by Besure

    dog bed

    This orthopedic memory foam dog bed will give your pup a soft, cozy place to rest and relax. The memory foam technology provides the perfect amount of softness and support, and helps to soothe aching joints.

  9. Petcube Camera System

    dog treat dispenser camera

    Ever miss your dog while at work? Of course you do! The Petcube makes it easy for you to check on your dog and give them a few treats while you’re away. Choosing from one of their many models to meet your needs. Your pup will certainly enjoy the surprise midday snack!

  10. Holiday Hide & Seek Squeaky Toys by  ZippyPaws

    santa dog toy

    Test your dog’s intelligence and combat boredom with ZippyPaws Holiday Hide & Seek Squeaky Toys. Your dog will love to bury their nose in the toy and dig out the critters. They’ll be begging you to hide them again, and maybe hide a treat or two alongside the critters! 

  11. Holiday Dog Collar with Bow Tie

    dog bow tie

    It’s hard to imagine your pup could get any cuter. These fancy holiday themed collars with bow ties might just up the cuteness factor. You can add or remove the bow tie depending on how formal the occasion is. One thing is for sure, your pup will be turning heads in these collars.

  12. iFetch interactive Ball Launcher

    dog ball dispenser

    Does your doggie have endless energy? The iFetch ball launcher will provide endless entertainment for your pup. Once the ball is placed in the dispenser, it will throw the ball a predetermined distance. Your pup can play fetch forever… or at least until the batteries run out.

  13. Soggy Doggy Super Shammy

    dog towel

    Put an end to wet dog smell once and for all! This super absorbent, microfiber chenille dog towel will get your dog dry in a snap. 5 times more absorbent than other towels, the super shammy soaks up water like a sponge and wicks away excess moisture.

  14. MudBuster Portable Paw Washer by Dexas

    portable paw wash


    Paw prints are adorable, except when it’s dirt all over your house.The MudBuster will put an end to dreaded dirty paw prints. Just add some water and dip a dirty paw into the compact container. The silicone bristles will loosen dirt and keep the mess in the container. Voila, clean paws!  

  15. Doggie Dailies Spa Bundle

    dog shampoo

    Pamper your pup with Doggie Dailies Spa Bundle! Our 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner and Ear Wash with Tea Tree Oil make this powerful cleaning duo a no brainer. They will help wash away dirt and grime, leaving your dog smelling and feeling clean and fresh!

  16. Dog Paw Wax by Musher’s Secret

    paw wax for dogs

    Protect your pup’s paws with Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax. This all season paw protection creates a breathable, dense barrier to protect your dog’s paw from the elements in even the most extreme weather conditions. 

  17. Dog Holiday Sweater by PUPTECK

    dog pajamas

     Baby, it’s cold outside? This doggie sweater will keep your pup toasty during the cooler months, and keep them in the holiday spirit. Don’t worry, they offer sweaters for dogs of all sizes. The handy leash hole allows your pup to keep their sweater on for walks!

  18. GPS Tracking Collar Attachment by Tractive

    GPS Dog Tracker
    Keep an eye on your pup and his activity, and never worry again! Simply attach the waterproof lightweight tracker to your dog’s collar. Track your furry friend in real time without any distance limit! This product does require a subscription plan, which starts at only $4.99 per month.

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