8 Fall-Themed Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

8 Fall-Themed Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Fall is a great time for pet owners. Leaf piles make fun obstacles for dogs to run through and roll around in, and crisp nights make for memorable walks. Humans enjoy many delectable treats around this time of year, with pumpkin flavored goodies and hearty holiday meals. Why should your dog get left out of the mix? Here are 8 fall-themed dog treat recipes your mutt will love as much as you love your pumpkin spice latte!

1. Izzy's Apple Cheddar Dog Biscuits

Apples are a fall favorite for everyone, including Fido. Make sure they get their apple-a-day with these incredible dog treats that combine the sweet taste of apples with savory cheddar cheese. They are easy to make too - just combine all the ingredients, bake and give to your pup once they have cooled.

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2. Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Dog Treats

Everyone knows dogs love peanut butter but did you also know they enjoy a taste of pumpkin? This treat combines the two flavors for a winning combination your furry sweetie will love the same way that you love grandma's pumpkin pie.

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3. Sweet Potato Dog Chews

Sweet potatoes are a delicious part of fall feasts. They are great on their own, but don't forget about sweet potato pudding and sweet potato pie! Dogs appreciate this treat because it takes delicious sweet potatoes and turns them into a chewy toy that can be enjoyed for a few moments longer than a simple biscuit.

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4. Candy Corn Dog Treats

Candy corn isn't just for trick-or-treaters anymore. Now dogs can enjoy their own version with this recipe. The treats are basically a simple dog biscuit flavored with chicken or beef stock to make it extra enticing for your pup. The colored frosting gives the treat its candy corn look. Flour icing might sound boring to a human but dogs absolutely love it!

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5. Pumpkin Oatmeal Spice Dog Treats

Pumpkin spice is getting into everything these days. It started with pumpkin spice warm beverages, but now there is pumpkin spice chocolate, cereal and even soap with the yummy flavor profile. Dogs love pumpkin spice too, so try this pumpkin oatmeal spice recipe. Use your favorite fall themed cookie cutter to make the treats even more seasonal.

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6. Puppuccino Doggy Style Hot Chocolate

Chocolate is definitely no good for dogs, but this warm treat is made from worry-free carob. While you are sipping your hot chocolate on a cold night, your pooch can have their own version. Pups love the warm feeling, and sharing the experience with you.

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7. Maple Dog Treats

Fall is the time for maple flavored everything. It's when you pour maple syrup on your food and eat maple sugar candies. Your dog will appreciate these maple dog treats for the same reasons you love maple! This convenient recipe has two different versions: one for real maple syrup and one for maple flavoring. Don't leave them out because wily dogs have been known to gobble them all up in one sitting!

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8. Brie's Turkey & Cranberry Dog Treats

Turkey is the centerpiece of fall feasts like Thanksgiving, and cranberry is a well-known accomplice to full bellies. While you're munching on turkey with cranberry sauce, toss your dog one of these treats for a shared holiday experience you can both enjoy.

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