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Aug 29, 2019

10 Tech Gifts That Will Make Your Dog Jump for Joy

10 Tech Gifts That Will Make Your Dog Jump for Joy

Think of how tech products enhance your everyday life. You perhaps have a watch to monitor your heart rate, an app for avoiding traffic, and a mobile wallet for buying stuff.

You probably even use technology to waste time (Temple Run, anyone?). Why not let your furry friend enjoy the same sort of benefits that you do from technology?

After all, you want your dog's days to be filled with joy and exercise. Here are the 10 best tech gifts for your dog!

1. A Camera for Facetiming

If you get a two-way audio and visual camera, you can directly face-time with your pup. That comes in handy if you and your dog miss each other while you're at work, running errands, or traveling.

You can also use the camera to see what they're doing (hopefully nothing mischievous!).

2. Calming Device

Separation anxiety affects 20-40% of dogs, with many others having anxiety continuously. This means most dogs require something to deal with the disorder.

Calming devices, like a calming collar and speaker that plays soothing sounds, can help your pup feel at ease.

3. Automatic Ball Thrower

Dogs need 30 minutes to two hours of exercise per day, according to petMD. An automatic ball thrower can ensure they run and have fun as they should, even if you're busy or tired.

4. LED Glowing Ball

Have a dog that likes to play fetch all day and night? This kind of toy was made for them.

5. Virtual Assistant

Well, this is more for the dog owner. Life can get busy, as you know. Having a virtual assistant allows you to quickly order the dogs all the necessary things on the go.

From multivitamins for staying healthy to shampoos for staying clean, you can get what your dog needs by just telling Alexa.

6. Cooling Collars and Pads

As veterinary experts note, heat strokes can kill dogs. And when you go out in the summer, your dog still has that layer of fur, while you have a cozy t-shirt and shorts.

To help avoid overheating, get a cooling pad and a cooling collar. This, along with avoiding overexertion and drinking water, will reduce the potential for a heat stroke during those hot summer days.

7. Paw Cleaner

Dogs get dirty. It's part of having a blast!

Instead of doing all the paw cleaning work manually with a towel, get a paw cleaning bucket. These buckets are lined with gentle silicone bristles that scrape mud and debris off your pup's paws. This way, your home doesn't get messy.

8. Automatic Dog Feeder

Every dog has a preferred diet pattern. An automatic dog feeder enables you to customize eating schedules, regardless of where you are during the day.

Plus, if you see that your dog has been behaving well, you can use these automatic feeders to give your loved one a treat. Just remember: Treats should only make up 5-10% of your pup's diet.

9. Dog Treadmill

Looking for a way to keep your dog active during bad weather days? Consider a dog treadmill.

You could even go for a run alongside your furry pal (and be workout buddies!).

10. GPS Tracker

The ASPCA® estimates 15% of dog owners have lost their pet at some point. 85% of those owners recovering their loved one, but that's still a lot of people losing their dog.

To prevent such a terrible situation, get an advanced GPS tracker on your dog. Your pup will hardly notice it, and you'll be able to locate them quickly if the unfortunate happens.

Making the Most of Tech for Your Dog

The nifty pet gadgets on the market today can improve your dog's physical and emotional health, as well as make life more enjoyable for you.

To enhance your dog's life, even more, get the best dietary products. Health supplements, such as multivitamins and hip and joint supplements, can make them feel better on a daily basis. That will ensure your pup lives a happy and fulfilling life and can make the most of all these awesome tech gadgets you have for them.

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