Allergy & Immune Support

Doggie Dailies is a safe and effective omega supplement your dog will love. Our salmon dog treats are specially formulated to help promote skin and coat health, support a strong immune system, and may help with occasional or seasonal allergies.

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Can I Give My Dog Multiple Doggie Dailies Products?


Yes, it is safe to give your dog more than one of our products at once. 

Are Your Products Tested for Safety?


Every Doggie Dailies product is sent to an independent laboratory for testing to ensure they are safe for consumption before they are permitted to leave our facility.  We take great pride in our business and we are committed to providing safe and effective products that help dogs feel their best.

How long does it take before we will observe a positive change in our dog?


While we receive many reviews and emails from customers whose dogs seem to improve almost immediately after taking Doggie Dailies, it typically takes three to six weeks for the product to create a noticeable benefit. The active ingredients need time to build up and become effective.

If at any point you are not satisfied with the product please reach out to us so that we may provide a full refund.

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