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Jan 7, 2019

The Best Ways To Make Moving Easier On Your Pet

The Best Ways To Make Moving Easier On Your Pet

Moving is stressful enough on us, whether it's a temporary move or a more permanent one. While we have to deal with packing, taking care of forwarded mail, utility hookups, and getting our affairs in order - our pets are stressed during a move as well.

You can make it less stressful on the both of you with this list of the five best ways to make moving easier on your pet.

1. Familiar Surroundings

Have you ever noticed your dog dragging out an old, scruffy toy even though he has new ones? That is because it's familiar and the scent makes it their own. Your new place is going to smell, look, and feel different from the old one. Yet, your pet's toys, bedding, and other belongings have the scent they are used to.

Make sure to have their things ready to bring out and set up in the new place. The scent will carry from location to location and give them a sense of home.

2. Keep a Routine

If at all possible, keep your pet's same routine. If you normally take your dog for a walk at 9 PM, make sure to do the same at the new place. Even with the area smelling different, this will just create new adventures for your dog. Feeding schedules should be kept intact as well as bathroom breaks.

A change in routine is one of the major factors in your dog or cat's stress levels, so a normal routing helps keep them calmer.

3. Have Patience

Your stress level may already be through the roof but remember that a move is hard on your furry friend, too. You may notice behavioral issues and problems that weren't there before. This in no way means that your pet has suddenly become a problem child. Instead, your pet may be acting out due to a change in their environment. Stability is key and with any move, everything is out of place in your pet's eyes.

Take it easy and have patience when it comes to your any behavior that seems out of place. Your dog or cat may be anxious and confused so it will take some time to adjust.

4. Entertainment and Exercise

Your pet needs both during times of normalcy but during a stressful time, it is even more important. Make sure that your pet has plenty of exercise to keep their stress levels down and their energy expended.

Entertainment is important too. Mental activity is another area where you can take advantage of moving time. Have your pet find their toys in a special place like a game of hide-and-seek. Or if you have children, this is an excellent opportunity to keep both entertained while you're trying to move.

5. A Quiet Place

Before, during, and after the move - it is a good idea to find a place where your pet can be away from all of the foot traffic. Just like you'd rather be with your dog (or cat) they'd rather be with you. However, a move is a hectic time that causes a lot of anxiety.

Be sure your furbaby has a place they can get away from it all. And make sure to have their toys and bedding nearby.

Moving can be a real demanding time, but it doesn't have to be stressful on your pet by following these tips.

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