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Mar 18, 2022

The Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs

The Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs

Superfoods for humans have been a huge trend for some time now because they have innumerable health benefits. So, of course, dogs wanted in on the action!

Bone broth has become the new canine superfood, with many pet parents using it to support their dog's joint, gut, and immune health. It makes a great addition to their pet's diet because it's not just tasty, but it's healthy too. So let's take a look at how you can incorporate bone broth into your dog's life and the benefits they can get by slurping it up!

"Bone broth has become the new canine superfood, with many pet parents using it to support their dog's joint, gut, and immune health."

The Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs

  1. What Is Bone Broth for Dogs?

    You've probably seen bone broth on the shelves next to other types of stock at your local grocery store. It's a popular — and common — ingredient in human cooking because of its versatility and proven health benefits. Bone broth is also getting pretty popular in the dog world, which may surprise you.

    Bone broth is the result of boiling bones, herbs, spices, and other ingredients for many hours, sometimes up to a whole day. The result is nutrient-dense, delicious broth to use in cooking, but many people enjoy a mug of bone broth on its own. For your pet, it makes an excellent dog food topper or even a tasty treat all by itself.

    So, should you run to your local grocery store and grab a box of bone broth? No. Bone broth made for human consumption can contain ingredients that could make your dog ill, such as onions, garlic, and salt. It's best to stick to canine bone broth that is safe and delicious — and made just for your dog.

    Beyond giving your best friend a yummy-tasting complement to their regular diet, the many health benefits are reason enough to incorporate bone broth into the feeding schedule. It supports several body systems, and its nutrient-packed goodness will help your dog lead a healthy, happy life! Here are some of the top benefits of bone broth for dogs:

  2. It Benefits Your Dog's Gut Health

    Bone broth has minerals that support your dog's digestion. It can also reduce the chances of your dog developing a condition called "leaky gut."

    Millions of tiny openings in the gut lining let nutrients pass through to benefit the whole body. However, health issues like stress, poor diet, and harmful bacteria can cause these holes to get bigger, so leaky gut happens. This can lead to allergies and food sensitivities, and allow things like undigested food and toxic substances to pass through the gut.

    Bone broth contains lots of gelatin (as a result of boiling collagen), and it can prevent or reverse leaky gut. Gelatin acts as a filler in the gaps of your dog's digestive lining, letting only the vital nutrients to flow through. Doggie Dailies Digestive Bone Broth is an excellent option for maintaining a healthy bacteria balance in the intestines.

  3. Bone Broth Boosts Your Dog's Immune System

    Bone broth packs a wealth of nutrients, and it supports your dog's immune system in several ways. It is high in vitamins, minerals, protein, collagen, glycine, and glucosamine.

    Building a better immune system means building a better gut, and bone broth contains all the building blocks needed to foster that. Amino acids released during the cooking process can provide an immune boost, and the nutrients can help soothe and heal your pet's gut, strengthening their overall health. Bone broth can also flush toxins and help your dog better cope with allergies and illness.

  4. Bone Broth for Dogs Supports Joint Health

    Some of the most significant benefits of bone broth for dogs come from its glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, all of which help with collagen synthesis.

    Collagen is critical when it comes to your dog's joint health. It acts as the cushioning around your pet's ligaments, tendons, and bone ends. Without it, your pet can experience joint discomfort and even pain.

    Collagen production is of particular concern in senior dogs. This is because joint cartilage diseases frequently happen as a dog ages. Specific breeds and dogs with past injuries are also at risk for low collagen levels. 

    Dog Bone broth provides vital joint nutrition that supports the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues as well as joint function.

  5. Doggie Dailies Bone Broth

    If your dog is a fussy eater, adding delicious bone broth as a dog food topper at mealtime is an easy way to enhance the taste of their food and add essential nutrients to their diet.

    We designed our range of bone broths specially for dogs like yours. Start by spritzing a pump or two on their food to ensure no tummy upset. Going forward, add our bone broth to your dog's meals or to a dog biscuit for a special treat! Please view our full line of bone broths for your best friend here.

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