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Sep 24, 2020

Smiles Guaranteed: Four Insanely Cute Doggie Videos

Smiles Guaranteed: Four Insanely Cute Doggie Videos

It’s almost October. Is that a surprise to anyone else?! This year has been filled with ups and downs… and downs. Luckily, doggies are always there to make your day a little bit better and put a smile on your face. Whether you have a doggie or not, there is certainly no shortage of sweet & funny doggie videos. Check out these 4 hilarious & heartwarming doggie videos that are guaranteed to make you smile. 

Tattle Tails 

The relationship between a person and their siblings is a tight, unbreakable bond. As any one with a sibling knows, the 1st rule of being a sibling is never, ever tell on each other to your parents.... or just be the first one to do it. When confronted by their mother, Harley and Loa had a tough choice. Click on the video above to see the outcome.  

Bark the Blues

That moment when your favorite song comes on… Tank, an American Bulldog, knows the feeling and can’t help but belt out his favorite song. Of course, he has some disapproving looks when his hooman decides to play a song out of his favorite genre. Click the video above to watch Tank belt out his favorite ballad.

Smiles Are Contagious 

This adorable fur baby brought to us takes cuteness to a whole new level. Layla, the pittie puppy, has a problem… She can’t stop smiling! This little doggie gets a new lease on life when she finds her forever home filled with new doggie siblings. Click the video above to see her sweet smile and how she wins over her new family. 

Perfect Play Pal

What dog doesn’t like a good game of chase? This German Shepherd found the perfect play partner in his younger brother. While this pup might be faster, his playmate gives him some stiff competition when it comes to cuteness. Click the video above to see this pup and his play pal chase each other around.

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