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Jan 17, 2020

Should You Hire a Pet Psychic?

Should You Hire a Pet Psychic?

If you're a no-nonsense type of person, the term "pet psychic" might sound wild to you. However, plenty of people hire these specialized alternative practitioners to get in touch with their dearest furry friends. So, what's the deal with pet psychics? Are they for real?

What Pet Psychics Do

Like psychics for people, pet psychics claim that they have a special connection with animals. They believe they know what they are thinking and use a variety of methods to help pet owners figure out what is going on in their pets' cute heads. Many pet psychics claim to use telepathy to communicate with animals in pictures. Others say they can read a pet's energetic vibrations.

Pet psychics often help people figure out a mystery about someone's animal. Owners love hiring pet psychics to find out the secrets in their adopted pet's early life. They may also hire one when Fido runs away or when their horse seems particularly melancholy.

A pet psychic may come to your home for an in-person session, but more often than not they do their sessions over the phone. Increasingly, they now do sessions via live online chat. This is good news because even if there is not a pet psychic in your area, you can still hire one if the mood strikes.

Are Pet Psychics For Real?

Only you can answer this question for yourself, just like you have to make your own decisions about human psychics. If you believe in the metaphysical realm, then a pet psychic might be good for you. However, if you're generally a skeptical person then a pet psychic probably isn't the best choice. The important thing to know is that pet psychics believe they are providing a real service. Most are not trying to pull one over on their clients. They are legitimately trying to help them and truly believe they have a special connection to the animal world. Whether or not you believe that pet psychics are real, they often offer something very real to their clients: peace of mind that their animals are safe and happy.

The truth is, we simply don't speak the same language as animals even though some dog and bird breeds can mimic our speech. They have different ways of speaking or telling us what they need. Most pet owners really love their animals so it only makes sense they would want to try to communicate with them the same way humans do. However, it might be more useful to pay attention to your pet's behavior and body language to learn about what they need.

Why People Hire Pet Psychics

People hire pet psychics for a variety of reasons. Some people just want to know what their pet is thinking or find out about their pet's past, but more often than not it's due to a specific reason. Some examples include:

  • Find out about any health problems
  • Find out if a sick animal is in pain
  • Find out if Spot is upset or lonely when the owner leaves
  • Connect with an animal that has already passed on
  • Let the pet know that the owner truly loves them
  • Explore the origin of a specific behavioral problem

Most pet psychics claim they are able to help with these issues and more.

Pet Psychic Not for You? Try This Instead!

Let's face it. A pet psychic is not for everyone. If you're not feeling this idea, there are plenty of other ways to get insight into what your pets are thinking. A certified pet behaviorist, usually hired for dogs and sometimes horses, is a great option. These people are experts in reading animal body language and finding out what that means. They may visit your home and examine the surroundings to help determine why your pet is having behavioral issues. Behaviorists don't claim to be psychic at all, and they may also be competent animal trainers who can use their knowledge of animal behavior to properly motivate your pets' good behavior. However, many behaviorists are not trainers. They simply advise you on the environmental factors affecting your pet and how to adjust them to make your pet feel better.

Veterinarians are also experts on animal behavior. If your pet is doing something strange, chances are, other pets have done it before. Ask your vet to get some answers from someone who really knows.

The Verdict on Pet Psychics

Only you can decide for yourself if you want to hire a pet psychic. It can be something fun to try, but if you really want to get down to your pet's issues, there are other options that might work better. However, it's never a bad idea to try to connect with your pets any way that you can.

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