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May 8, 2020

Putting Our Best Paws Forward: Priceless Pet Rescue

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Here at Doggie Dailies, we believe there is no better feeling than helping those in need. That's why every quarter we pick a new charity to donate a portion of our proceeds to!

We’re now in the second quarter of 2020 (April - June) and this quarter we're excited to be donating to Priceless Pet Rescue.

About Priceless Pet Rescue

Priceless Pet Rescue (Priceless Pets) is a non-profit, no-kill pet rescue based in southern California. Since it’s founding in 2007, Priceless Pets has rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed thousands of dogs, cats, and other small animals. This incredible organization is dedicated to its mission of “Saving One By One Until There Are None.” 

Through the support of donors and with the help of volunteers, Priceless Pets has been able to expand its presence in southern California with three adoption centers and throughout the United States with their Hound Haul program. 

Noticing A Need

During the 2007 housing market crash, Lisa Price and Mandy Stover, who were working as escrow officers, began to notice a sad trend in their community. Along with the abandoned houses, they began to notice an abundance of abandoned pets being left behind. Lisa and Mandy knew they had to do something about this heartbreaking trend. And so Priceless Pet Rescue was born in Chino Hills.

The only animal shelter in their community had one of the highest kill rates of animal shelters in the area. Lisa and Mandy knew these animals needed a second chance at life and set out to bring a no-kill animal shelter to their community. Starting with a foster network and organizing adoptions events at their local PetSmarts, Lisa and Mandy quickly grew Priceless Pet Rescue into the incredible organization it is today.

Rooted in Volunteerism 

Just as it started with two volunteers, Priceless Pets continues to be rooted in volunteerism. They are 80 percent volunteer-run with over 250 active volunteers. The rescue strongly believes that the connection and interaction of volunteers with the animals results in a higher level of healing for both the volunteers and the animals. 

They’ve partnered with high school volunteer programs, and Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops to not only offer but encourage volunteer opportunities for teens and young adults. All potential volunteers are registered and attend an orientation before being allowed to work with the animals. From walking and socialization to fundraisers and adoption events, volunteers are integral to the day-to-day operation of the rescue. 

No-Kill Philosophy 

From the beginning, Priceless Pet Rescue knew that they wanted to bring a no-kill animal shelter to their community. Whether injured, abused, or abandoned, Priceless Pets is committed to accepting every animal they have space for and to nurturing each animal until its owner or new adoptive home is found.

Part of this no-kill philosophy is knowing that each animal comes to the rescue with their own back story, personality, and unique needs. Priceless Pets works with local veterinarians, pet behavior specialists, and trainers to evaluate each animal’s needs and determine the specialized care they will require. This individualized care provides each animal with the healing and rehabilitation they need in order to find their furever home. 

The Orphanage - Storefront Adoption Centers

At the core of their mission, Priceless Pets is focused on rehoming as many animals as possible. Lisa and Mandy knew that in order to make significant progress they would need to break the mold of a conventional animal shelter. The Orphanage, their storefront adoption center, became their answer to doing things a little differently. 

The concept of the Orphanage is that it is a rescue designed like a pet store and all animals are available for adoption. It’s a place where homeless pets can live stressfree until they find their furever home. 

In 2011, the first Orphanage was opened in Chino Hills and they expanded their rescue to cats as well. In August of 2015, Priceless Pets opened its second Orphanage location in Claremont. 

As they searched for a location in Orange County for its third Orphanage, it became clear a community needed their help. The City of Costa Mesa was looking to contract an animal adoption service provider. In 2018, Priceless Pets officially signed on as the city’s animal adoption service provider and officially opened its Costa Mesa Orphanage in 2019.

Every step of the way, Priceless Pets has looked for ways to serve their community and expand their reach. With their three Orphanages, Priceless Pets has been able to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome thousands of dogs, cats, and other small animals.

Hound Haul Program

In an effort to expand its impact across the nation, Priceless Pets partnered with Operation Helping Hounds, an organization that relocates hounds from the east coast to the west coast, and launched their Hound Haul Program. Priceless Pets coordinates, plans, and receives anywhere from 15-20 hounds a month, often from states like Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennesse, and South Carolina.

Most of these hounds were formerly used as hunting or scent dogs and are unable to keep up with their hunting pack. Operation Helping Hounds rescues these dogs and works with Priceless Pets to transport these pups across the nation where they will find their new furever home. To date, they have rescued over 1,000 hounds, and that number is growing every day! Find out more about their Hound Haul Program

Our friends at Priceless Pets work hard each and every day to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome as many dogs as possible, but they can’t do it alone!

There are a few ways you can help... 

Of course, you can make a donation to Priceless Pet Rescue. Any amount you can afford to give helps pups in need! You can also lend a helping paw by donating items from Priceless Pets’ Amazon Wishlist. There are tons of needed items at all price ranges that will help out in a big way. 

Priceless Pets has many adorable, deserving animals available for adoption. If you live in or near southern California and are interested in adding a furry family member to your home, take a look at all the loveable dogs, cats, and other animals available for adoption

Not able to adopt? Help Priceless Pet Rescue spread its message and mission with your friends. Share Priceless Pets on Facebook and Instagram to let your friends know about this amazing organization.

There are so many ways to support Priceless Pets. Visit their website for a full list of ways you can help Priceless Pets

To learn more about Priceless Pet Rescue or to assist them in their mission, visit their website, ‘Like’ them on Facebook, or ‘Follow’ them on Instagram.

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