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Jan 22, 2020

Putting Our Best Paws Forward: MaxFund Animal Adoption Center

Doggie Dailies Blog Poster - White Shaggy Dog putting paw in caring woman's hand with words that read Putting Our Best Paws Forward: MaxFund Animal Adoption Center

Putting Our Best Paws Forward: MaxFund Animal Adoption Center

Here at Doggie Dailies, we believe there is no better feeling than helping those in need. That's why every quarter we pick a new charity to donate a portion of our proceeds to!

We’re now in the first quarter of 2020 (January-March) and this quarter we're excited to be donating to MaxFund Animal Adoption Center.

About MaxFund Animal Adoption Center
MaxFund Animal Adoption Center is a true no-kill animal shelter and adoption center in Denver, Colorado. Founded in May 1988, MaxFund was established to provide medical care for injured, abused, and abandoned animals, and to give these animals a “second chance at life” once they recovered. 

As the organization has grown, so has its mission. MaxFund has expanded its efforts to include educational programs, community outreach and partnerships, and animal advocacy. 

Since its founding, nearly 56,000 animals have been spayed or neutered and nearly 35,000 animals have been adopted from MaxFund. All because two people had an idea of how to help injured, homeless animals. 

Noticing a Need

In early 1988, Dr. Bill Suro and his wife Nanci owned and operated a large veterinary practice in suburban Denver. Having recently added 24-hour emergency care to their hospital services, the Suros immediately noticed one glaring problem: What to do with all the injured animals with no known owner that are found by Good Samaritans? Before MaxFund, these animals were often sent to animal control and euthanized if no one came forward in 7-10 days. 

The Suros knew they could help these animals. Not long after their realization, a special dog came into their lives and made this ‘problem’ all too real.  

MaxFund’s Namesake

Not long after opening their 24-hour emergency care, one of Dr. Suro’s clients told him about a dog that was hit by a car and asked if he would help. While the Good Samaritan paid for the immediate medical care, this pup needed expensive orthopedic surgery for his fractures. The Suros decided to see what they could do.

The dog was a good-natured, headstrong big male, assumed to be a cross between a German Shepherd and a German Shorthair Pointer. The staff named him Max. 

The Suros, their clients, local veterinarians, and other pet lovers worked together to raise the funds and provide the services needed to save Max and allow him to live a long, happy life. In the end, they raised more money than expected and decided to apply the funds to the next doggie in need, which started the MaxFund. The funds the mission was to save injured dogs and give them a second chance - just like the fund’s namesake. 

No-Kill Philosophy 

From the beginning, MaxFund knew that they wanted to challenge the traditional methods of animal sheltering by leading the no-kill movement in Colorado. Whether injured, abused, or abandoned, MaxFund is committed to accepting every animal they have space for and to nurturing each animal until its owner or new adoptive home is found.

MaxFund’s no-kill philosophy is driven by a total commitment to the holistic care of the animal once admitted to the shelter. This means:

  • Age, medical condition, disabilities, or similar factors do not dictate shelter admission - Only shelter capacity does.
  • Each animal receives the medical care he or she needs. From kennel cough to cancer to broken bones, the animal will be cared for regardless of cost.
  • Each animal is allowed the time he or she needs to find the best suitable forever home. 
  • From walks to play to training, each animal participates in enrichment programs to keep them happy and healthy. All must have regular, loving human contact.
  • Alternatives must be in place in case of too-long stays. Foster homes and safe havens ensure that no animal lives out his or her life in a shelter.
  • An animal is only euthanized if their suffering is intractable and cannot be relieved medically.

With the majority of their animals starting off with medical bills, recovery, and rehabilitation, their operating costs are much higher than other shelters. But they remain committed to giving each animal a second chance.

Expanding the Mission: Education & Spay/Neutering

It became apparent to MaxFund that they were combating two main issues: pet overpopulation and the lack of resources on responsible pet care and ownership. MaxFund knew it would need to expand its mission to have a greater impact on overall animal welfare.

MaxFund developed and implemented educational programs on pet care and ownership, which emphasized the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Many folks simply aren’t educated on proper pet care and ownership. To shrink the knowledge and resource gap, MaxFund provides informational resources and offers low-cost vaccinations, pet food, and spay/neuter services for pets of low-income families.

While the organization had performed spaying and neutering from the beginning, MaxFund decided to launch a spay/neuter campaign to help stem the tide of pet overpopulation in the community. Nanci spearheaded the expansion of MaxFund’s spay/neuter efforts and launched a campaign for a mobile spay/neuter clinic. The mobile spay/neuter clinic allows MaxFund to perform spay/neuter procedures in rural areas and communities in need. Since 1988, Maxfund has spayed or neutered nearly 56,000 animals. 

Our friends at MaxFund work hard each and every day to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome as many dogs as possible, but they can’t do it alone!

There are a few ways you can help... 

Of course, you can make a donation to MaxFund. Any amount you can afford to give helps pups in need.

MaxFund has many adorable, deserving animals available for adoption. If you live in Colorado and prepared to add a furry family member to your home, take a look at all the loveable animals available for adoption

Not able to adopt? Help MaxFund spread its message and mission with your friends. Share MaxFund on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to let your friends know about this amazing organization.

There are so many ways to support MaxFund. Visit their website for a full list of ways you can help MaxFund

To learn more about MaxFund Animal Adoption Center or to assist them in their mission, visit their website, ‘Like’ them on Facebook, ‘Follow’ them on Instagram, or ‘Follow’ them on Twitter.

MaxFund Animal Adoption Center Donations

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