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Nov 10, 2019

Good Dog Reviews: How Doggie Dailies Changed Henry the Doodle’s Life

Good Dog Reviews: How Doggie Dailies Changed Henry the Doodle’s Life

Meet Henry...

Henry the Doodle is a happy, goofy, one-year-old Goldendoodle who loves running, playing, and of course, snuggling with his pawrents.

At about 8 months old, Henry suddenly went from a spunky little puppy to limping and struggling to walk. He was eventually diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Luckily, Henry and his pawrents found Doggie Dailies Advanced Hip & Joint Supplement and that’s when Henry’s life changed. Visit Henry's mom's blog to read Henry's full story.

The Back Story...

A mischievous pup, Henry had eaten something that he could not pass on his own. After healing quickly from the successful emergency surgery, Henry’s parents began to notice something just wasn’t right with their spunky pup. 

“Within the week of his surgery, we noticed that Henry started limping and eventually stopped walking completely. Seeing Henry suddenly struggle was devastating,” wrote Alyssa, Henry’s mom

After a few weeks on a vet-recommended anti-inflammatory regime, Henry seemed to be back to his normal peppy self. But after being weened off the anti-inflammatories, the limping and discomfort reappeared. 

Ultimately, an x-ray confirmed that Henry was suffering from hip dysplasia - a condition caused by an abnormal hip joint function which can result in painful arthritis and, in severe cases, an eventual loss of function of the joint itself.

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The Treatment...

After receiving the diagnosis, Henry’s pawrents were heartbroken but hopeful that with the right treatment Henry could live a long, happy, healthy life. 

The vet sent Henry home with a mainstream brand of joint supplements. As they neared the end of the bag, Henry’s parents had not noticed much improvement and began researching other higher-quality products. 

“Since I knew that Henry would likely be on joint supplements for the rest of his life, it was important to me that he was taking a high-quality product. I started looking for an alternative joint supplement that had simple, easy to read ingredients,” Alyssa wrote.

That’s when Alyssa’s research led her to Doggie Dailies and everything changed.

“Within about two weeks, my husband and I noticed a huge change in Henry’s mobility. His limp and any hesitation he had in his hips were gone. After a few months, we could not believe how much strength he gained,” said Alyssa.

Henry has been taking Doggie Dailies Advanced Hip & Joint Supplements since February 2019 and has seen drastic improvements in his mobility and strength. Running around on wood floors is no longer a problem for Henry!

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The Prognosis...

Recently, Henry had a vet visit and his hips were x-rayed again. His vet evaluated the scans and determined that Henry’s hip dysplasia has NOT progressed at all since his diagnosis! Along with maintaining a healthy weight and active lifestyle, Henry’s vet believes joint supplements may be the only treatment Henry will ever need.

Doggie Dailies has had a huge impact on Henry’s life. He is happy, healthy and loves a good run around the yard. My husband and I often joke that Doggie Dailies’ supplements have help Henry sprout a new leg {just kidding of course!}. I wholeheartedly recommend Doggie Dailies joint supplements to all pet owners I meet,” exclaimed Alyssa.

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Learn More...

Want to learn more about Henry's journey and why he chooses Doggie Dailies? Read Henry's full story by visiting his pawrent Alyssa's Blog. 

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