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Apr 22, 2022

Earth Day 2022: Our Commitment to Sustainability

Earth Day 2022: Our Commitment to Sustainability

Happy Earth Day! Protecting the planet isn’t an afterthought for us. Everything we do is aimed at helping improve the lives of dogs so they can live a long healthy life. What’s the point if they don’t have a beautiful, healthy earth to enjoy? 

It is our responsibility to preserve and protect our planet for current and future generations. We are committed to building a healthier future for all two-legged and four-legged friends who walk this planet. From ingredients to packaging to manufacturing, we are always working to reduce our products’ impact on the environment and increasing our efforts toward a sustainable future. 

Palm Oil Free

Every Doggie Dailies product is Palm Oil FREE! Why is this important? Palm oil, or palm fruit oil, is a cheap, widely used vegetable oil, which is why it is a favorite ingredient of many companies. Not ours though! The production of palm oil is one of the biggest threats to rainforests, has led to mass deforestation, massive carbon emission, and is pushing endangered species to the brink of extinction due to habitat destruction. Join us in saying NO to palm oil! 


Reducing waste and recycling whenever possible is critical for protecting the planet. Everyone knows recycling means less trash going to our landfills, but it’s bigger than that! Recycling conserves energy, reduces air and water pollution, reduces greenhouse gasses and conserves natural resources. We diligently source our packaging with recycled AND recyclable materials to reduce our environmental pawprint. 


We are committed to ensuring the environmental sustainability of our products. Our Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is 100% sourced from sustainable fisheries. By 2025, all of our soft chews and bone broths will be made with 100% renewable energy. 


BPA is a chemical found in many plastics, and can be very harmful to humans, animals and the environment. This endocrine disrupter can leach into products and our water supply. Researchers found that the presence of BPA in dogs was associated with changes to their gut microbiome and metabolism. It also affects the growth, reproduction, and development of aquatic organisms in both saltwater and freshwater. 100% of our packaging is BPA free.