Dogs On The Silver Screen - The 10 Best Doggie Flicks

Dogs On The Silver Screen - The 10 Best Doggie Flicks

The silver screen has always been one of the best places to celebrate our love of our four-legged friends. From the very beginning of filmmaking, Hollywood has brought dogs to life on screen in films full of humor and heart. Just this year, the box-office hit A Dog's Way Home brought the journey of Bella to cinemas around the world.

If you enjoyed that film, try checking some other pooch-related flicks out! Here's our list of the ten greatest dog films ever made.

  1. Lady and the Tramp
One of Disney's greatest animated films, this 1955 hit is a lovely, charming tale of romance between an upper-class Cocker Spaniel (Lady) and a streetwise mutt (Tramp). It's sure to have a special place in anyone's heart, both young and old. Take a look out for a live-action remake of the film premiering soon.
  1. Marley and Me

One of the great tearjerkers of all time. This 2008 film is an adaptation of the fine book by John Grogan, which tells the story of one family's beloved and mischievous yellow lab named Marley. With an exceptional cast (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston are the leads) and some fine direction, this is a worthy and emotional watch.

  1. Best in Show

Christopher Guest turns his satirical mockumentary eye to the dog show circuit in this uproarious and incredibly quotable movie. The cast is incredible - especially Fred Willard as the joking and off-kilter dog show commentator.

  1. Beethoven

The great John Hughes wrote this 1990s hit about a beloved St. Bernard wreaking havoc on a straight-laced suburban family. It's got a tremendous comic cast - Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt play the parents - and the family-friendly humor of Hughes at its heart. It was followed by a boatload of sequels.

  1. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

A remake of a 1960s film, this 1993 film follows three creatures - a bulldog, golden retriever, and Himalayan cat - as they adventure through the Sierra Nevadas to get back home. It's a well-made, heart-warming film, with plenty of great celebrity voice acting from Michael J. Fox and Sally Field.

  1. White Fang

There are two filmed versions of this film, with the more popular being the 1994 American version (the 1970s Italian one is also worthy if you can find it). This adaptation of Jack London's story of friendship between a Yukon gold miner (Ethan Hawke) and a wolfdog is bolstered by a great cast and some amazing cinematography.

  1. Where the Red Fern Grows

Another classic tearjerker. This 1974 adaptation of the classic children's books is an epic and emotional story of one boy's love for his two coonhound hunting dogs.

  1. Benji

The first in a hit series of movies, this 1974 film is a light-hearted tale of adventure and family with the lovable golden mix named Benji at its heart. Fun fact - the same dog that starred as Benji also starred in the Petticoat Junction TV series.

  1. Lassie

The classic TV series got an acclaimed reboot with this 1994 feature film. This version brings the fabled golden retriever to a struggling rural family and into a face-off with an evil sheep farmer. Look out for a very young Michelle Williams in one of her first roles.

  1. 101 Dalmatians

You can't go wrong with either of the fantastic Dalmatian movies. The 1960s animated film or the 1990s live-action film are both superb adaptations of the classic novel, following two Dalmatian parents as they save their puppies (and loads of others) from the evil Cruella De Vil. Glenn Close (having a wonderful time) plays De Vil in the live-action film.

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