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May 21, 2021

9 Heartwarming Rescue Dog Tales

9 Heartwarming Rescue Dog Tales

Did you know that May 20 is National Rescue Dog Day? To celebrate, we've gathered 9 stories about rescue dogs who had to overcome incredible odds to survive. Hopefully, their miraculous stories will inspire you to check out your local dog shelter the next time you're searching for a furry best friend.

9 Miraculous Rescue Dog Stories

  1. Gargoyle/Landis

    It's hard to imagine having to live in a cage so small that it deforms your body, but that's exactly what happened to poor Gargoyle. With no room to grow, this pit bull's legs began to fold in half, and his spine started to curve. Fortunately for Gargoyle, he was rescued and rehabilitated. He even got a new name — Landis. You'll definitely want to check out this sweet pittie's unbelievable transformation here.

  2. Champ

    According to the vet who treated him, Champ was about 12 hours away from death when a passerby rescued him. Maggots covered his body, and he was so emaciated his body could not regenerate its own red blood cells. To save Champ, the vet had to give him blood transfusions. Fortunately, Champ was a fighter and had an outstanding will to live. His recovery, as shown in this video, was simply amazing.

  3. Josh

    Born with a neurological disorder, Josh the beautiful goldendoodle has trouble walking and even standing. His life is literally two steps forward, three steps backward, or sometimes sideways. But that didn't stop Kimberly and Andrew Hangartner from adopting him. Despite his disabilities, Josh has a happy-go-lucky personality that has turned him into a true internet star.

  4. Tig

    When rescuers found this emaciated pup in a Washington, D.C. gutter, they weren't sure he would survive. Tig was so weak that he couldn't even stand or walk. Happily, Tig made a remarkable recovery and also found a loving home. You'll love watching this adopted dog's impressive transformation in this video.

  5. Mercy

    Judy Obregon was driving when she spotted a stray dog, Mercy, on the side of the road and pulled over. It was clear the dog was injured and in need of help. On the 20 minute ride to the vet, Mercy held Judy's hand until they arrived at the vet. Mercy had multiple fractures and could barely walk, but she could wag her tail. Even through the pain, Mercy's bright, sweet personality shined bright. Watch Mercy's incredible journey from homeless and hurt to happy and healthy by clicking here.

  6. Sadie

    When Brian Myers adopted Sadie, he didn't just adopt a dog. He also found a guardian angel who may have saved his life. This touching video describes how the beautiful German Shepherd paid back her rescuer for saving her life by saving his.

  7. Pepsi

    Talk about a rags-to-riches tale. Infected with heartworms, Pepsi was just five months old when he ended up in a kill shelter. Fortunately, a professional animal trainer for TV shows and movies found him and saved his life. Today, Pepsi plays Krypto on the HBO Max show "Titans." You can learn more about this lucky pup here.

  8. Pilgrim

    When rescuers found Pilgrim, he was so severely matted they couldn't tell which end was his head. The poor pup also had a fractured pelvis. As you can see in this video, Pilgrim the rescue dog's transformation from a matted mess to a pretty puppy was nothing short of a miracle.


  9. Ellen

    Poor Ellen was in terrible shape when rescuers found her on the streets of California. Covered in mange and emaciated, the poor Shepherd mix appeared beyond saving. However, with love, nutritious food, and the proper supplements, she would make a full recovery. You can check out her amazing transformation in this video.

Are You Ready to Save a Life?

According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs end up in U.S. shelters each year. And, sadly, around 670,000 of those canines have to be euthanized. Please consider a rescue dog if you are searching for a new canine companion. Not only will you gain a new friend, but you could save a life.

You should start your search for a new furry best friend by checking out your local dog shelter. Another good option? No-kill rescues also have many deserving canines looking for homes.

Before bringing a rescue dog home, you'll want to purchase a few necessities, such as bowls, a leash, food, daily supplements, and a few toys. That way, you'll be able to properly welcome your adopted dog into their forever home.

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