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Oct 10, 2019

8 Fun Activities For You And Your Dog This Fall

8 Fun Activities For You And Your Dog This Fall

While everyone seems to love to frolic with their pups on the beach, it also seems that many pet owners have trouble finding fun activities to enjoy with their dogs during the cooler months. Indeed, while taking your dog for a walk on the pier is an obvious activity for the summer months, you may be struggling to find things for you and your dog to do this fall. Nevertheless, the following is a list of dog-friendly fall activities that you and your furry friend are just bound to love.

Halloween Happenings

Spending the Halloween season with your dog can be one of the funnest experiences ever. For instance, as long as they are pet-friendly, Halloween hayrides can be a fun way to bond with your pet. Hayrides are filled with kids, stacks of hay, leaves, strange sites, and more. However, if your pet spooks easily, you may want to enjoy this activity during the daytime. Is there a Halloween parade in your area? Sign you and your dog up for an exciting day of fun, exercise, and more. On another note, if you are gung-ho about Halloween you can take it a step further and buy or design matching or complementary costumes and attend costume parties. Additionally, if you are passing out candy, you can include your pup in that as well. As long as they are child-friendly, you can allow the kids to pet your pup, take pics with him or her in their cool costume and more. Or you guys can even hit the town and go trick-or-treating yourselves!

Apple Picking

One very fun fall activity for you and your dog this fall is apple picking. As long as the orchard or farm allows pets (many do), you can spend a whole day picking and tasting apples, frolicking in the leaves, and snapping super cute photos for your social media following, of course. Not only will you have fun and get some exercise, but you will also enjoy some tasty, fresh-picked apples!

Take a Bike Ride

There is nothing quite like a nice fall bike ride. Even better, there is no need to leave your dog behind. On the one hand, you can teach yourself how to ride a bike while walking your dog on his/her leash. On another hand, you could also get a bike with a child seat, strap your dog in, and ride around town in style. Lastly, for the doggie daredevils, you can purchase or rent a motorcycle with a sidecar and go where the wind takes you.

Play/ Rake Up Leaves

While your dog will likely want no parts of helping you clean up anything, you can turn your yard work into a fun fall experience for you and your dog. In the midst of raking up your leaves, you can also give your dog some playtime as well. For instance, you can play fetch with the various twigs you find while cleaning up the leaves and debris in your yard. Moreover, you can also hide things in the piles of leaves (i.e. balls and other toys), so your dog can dig through the piles of leaves to retrieve them. Either way, when you are done, you can simply take your dog elsewhere for a feeding and bag these leaves. Additionally, for smaller dogs, you can simply put them in a separate area (i.e. a sectioned off area of the year or an empty kiddie pool), fill it with leaves, and allow them to play until the yard work is complete.

Take a Hike

While the old saying "go take a hike" is usually not meant to be positive, this instance is the exception to the rule. The fall is filled with beautiful falling leaves and other foliage. Find a trail you're comfortable with and take a long hike with the beautifully scenic fall sky as your backdrop.


Before the winter air starts to strike, autumn is a great time to go on a camping trip. No matter if you and your dog go it alone or if you choose to bring other people (and or animals) along, going camping is a great way to be at one with nature while also having lots of fun. Plan some dog-friendly events to pass the time, bring a few dog-friendly recipes to throw on the campfire, and more. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Go Kayaking or Canoeing

While many do not seem to think that kayaking or canoeing are dog-friendly activities, there are actually many dogs who would enjoy this activity. As long as you have a dog that does not mind taking a dip in the river now and then, you can take your kayak or canoe for a spin with your pup as your co-pilot. What a great way to get away.

Play Football

Although pup-warner football is not yet officially a thing, your dog will most likely want to throw around the old pigskin anyway. No matter if you play alone or with a group, your doggie will love trying to catch the ball and bring it back to you. Pick teams and play all day but don't forget the doggie cheerleaders!

Overall, there are plenty of dog-friendly activities you can try this fall. If you do not like any of these suggestions, just be creative and be sure to pick activities that both you and your dog will enjoy.

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