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May 8, 2019

7 Common Causes of Dog Ear Infections You Need to Know

7 Common Causes of Dog Ear Infections You Need to Know

Ear infections are one of the most common illnesses your dog may experience. But what is at the root of these infections?

The L-shaped, vertical structure of your dog's ear canal makes him more prone to infections in his ear. So, it's important to understand the root causes of ear infections. Discover seven common causes of ear infections in dogs and how to keep them at bay:

1. Allergies

Allergies are often a common culprit of ear infections in dogs due to the inflammation allergies may cause in the ear canal. In fact, the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation estimates that most dogs that have food allergies (80 percent) and about half with skin allergies display ear infection signs. So, it's important to watch out for signs of dog ear infections, such as frequent scratching, discharge, blood, balance problems, redness or swelling of the ear.

2. Moisture

Wet dog ears is a great environment that harbor and grow yeast and bacteria. The moisture often leads to ear infections. Moisture can build up in your dog's ears from a variety of ways, including swimming, grooming or when you give your dog a bath. That's why it's important to keep your dog's ears dry.

3. Injury

An injury to your puppy's ear can also lead to infection. When your dog injures her ear, she can rupture her eardrum. This can lead to ear infections. Your dog may exhibit signs of trauma to her ear if she constantly tilting her head.

4. Excessive Cleaning

Cleaning your dog excessively may also lead to an unprecedented ear infection. That's because every time you clean your dogs, you expose their ears to moisture. Moreover, if you don't dry their ears properly, you give bacteria room to grow in your pet's ears.

5. Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases also often can explain the occurrence of ear infections in dogs. For instance, a common skin disease called pemphigus is common in dogs and often is associated with ear infections.

6. Ear Mites

Puppies are prone to having ear mites, and these mites are notorious for causing ear infections. Watch the signs for ear mites, such as shaking of the head or discharge resembling the color of shoe polish.

7. Bacteria

Bacteria exist in dogs ears. But when your dog has too much bacteria, it can lead to an ear infection. Bacteria-based ear infections can lead to an overproduction of wax and are common among dogs that swim.

How to Prevent Ear Infection in Dogs

If you think your dog may have an ear infection, it's important to take them to your veterinarian. But before

  • Use supplements. You can use supplements from trusted brands, such as Doggie Dailies, to keep ear infections at bay, including the Doggie Dailies Advanced Probiotics Supplements.
  • Use an ear cleanser. A cleanser designed for keeping your dog's ears clean can help you keep pesky ear mites out and prevent yeast from growing. You can use a soothing ear cleaning solution, such as Doggie Dailies' Cleansing Ear Wash for Dogs with Tea Tree Oil and Soothing Aloe Vera.
  • Keep your dog's ears clean (and dry). Use a damp cloth to clean your pet's ears and remove any dirt you can see. Also, avoid overexposure to moisture by keeping your dog's ears dry when bathing or grooming.
  • Inspect ears regularly. Every two weeks, exam your dog's ears for signs of ear infection, such as foreign bodies or a bad odor coming from the ear.

Final Thoughts

While there are several causes behind ear infections in dogs, you can take preventative measures to reduce these incidents. From keeping your dog's ears dry to providing her with supplements, you take several measures to keep dog ear infections at bay. Just watch out for the signs of ear infections in dogs and put these tips to use and you can worry less about dog ear infections.

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