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Jun 30, 2017

5 Tips To Keep Your Doggie Happy and Safe This Independence Day

5 Tips To Keep Your Doggie Happy and Safe This Independence Day

You might be excited about the long weekend, neighborhood barbecue, and fireworks, but chances are your dog is NOT. With the rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air, your dog might try to make an escape for safer grounds. Think about it, if your Doggie is scared of a car ride to the vet, chances are they don’t dig loud fireworks either.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s animal shelters report a huge increase in the number of lost pets on our nation’s birthday. So how can you keep your Doggie safe and sound? Check out these tips that will help you enjoy the Fourth of July with your Doggie all while keeping them safe.


1. Get Them The Proper I.D. 

Be sure that your Doggie is wearing a visible, up-to-date ID tag on their collar at all times and take a current photo of your dog, just in case.


2. Tire Them Out

Exercise your Doggie early on in the day, before the parties begin so that they don’t have a ton of pent up energy. A sleepy pup can work in your favor on big nights like this.


3. No Table Food For You

Independence Day is all about being with family and friends around a barbecue. Keep charcoal and other grilling supplies far from your curious canine. Also, keep treats on hand for guests who might want to feed your Doggie.


4. Cover-up The Scary Sounds

If your Doggie isn’t a fan of loud noises or thunder, leave some gentle music playing to cover the sound of fireworks.


5. It’s Safer Indoors

Keep your Doggie indoors during the festivities. While it is a very fun day, it can also be panic inducing for pets, so it’s best to keep them safe inside your home.

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