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Jun 20, 2019

4 of the Most-Watched Dog Videos on YouTube in 2019 (So Far)

4 of the Most-Watched Dog Videos on YouTube in 2019 (So Far)
It's a fact: Dogs are the internet's favorite animal. Social media users post about their canines six times per week, and there are tens of millions of dog vids on YouTube.

If you're a cat lover, sorry to break it to you, but dogs are more popular on YouTube than your feline friends. But what are the most popular dog vids on YouTube in 2019 so far? We've crunched the numbers and done the calculations, so you don't have to.

1. "Anguished Mother Dog Wails for Wounded Baby. Sweetest Reunion!"

View count (at time of writing): 35 million

Posted on YouTube just 3 months ago, this emotional video has racked up over 35 million views. In this three-minute clip, a mother dog barks helplessly after her injured puppy lies on the side of the street in an Indian city.

With the help of local volunteers at an animal shelter, the puppy received the help he needed and was swiftly reunited with his mom. The video ends with an appeal for donations to Animal Aid Unlimited, India, who help street animals in the country.

Can you make it through this clip without shedding a tear or two?

2. "Dog Reaction to Cutting Cake -- Funny Dog Cake Reaction Compilation"

View count: 29 million

Now for something a little more light-hearted. If you're having a bad day, check out this three-minute compilation vid -- it will definitely put a smile back on your face. The clip features several dogs reacting to cake. Yes, cake.

Some dogs look excited, others look a little apprehensive, but the reactions are always hilarious.

3. "My Husky Promised from Day 1 She Would Always Protect my Baby!"

View count: 24 million

Dubbed the "cutest video ever," this clip introduces the husky Millie to the world. Aged 7, she's really protective of her owner's baby, as you can see. Millie cuddles up with her tiny new friend, shares blanket time, and is generally adorable.

This clip has generated nearly 25 million views in just a few months, and Millie's sweet, caring nature has captured the world's attention!

4. "Scared Dog Never Wagged Her Tail Until She Met Her Foster Dad"

View count: 19 million

Meet Blossom, a terrified rescue dog who never wagged her tail until Rocky Kanaka took her home. After a short while, Blossom's personality changed, and within 2 months, she started wagging her tail again.

With nearly 20 million views, Blossom's story is an inspiration for dog lovers around the world.

These five videos have generated millions of views since the beginning of 2019. We're only halfway through the year, too, so expect more funny and emotional dog videos before 2019 is over.

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