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Oct 22, 2021

17 Howlarious Halloween Costumes for Dogs

17 Howlarious Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is almost here! Don’t worry there is still plenty of time to throw together an amazing costume, and you can even include your dog.  When it comes to canines, the possibilities are almost endless. Always remember, it’s important that your pooch feels safe and happy participating in the fun. 

Whether it's a simple addition to a collar or an elaborate costume, these pet parents knocked the costumes out of the park! For some costume inspiration, check out these howlarious halloween costumes for dogs.

17 Howlarious Halloween Costumes for Dogs

  1. A simple addition to his collar turned this pup into a beanie baby.

    beanie baby dog costume 


  2. A little bit of faux fur turns this golden retriever into a king of the jungle.

  3. Any Harry Potter fans in the house? Wand and hat included, talent at wizardry is optional.

  4. When you have to wear the cone of shame, you might as well make the best of it and mix a cocktail. Will that be two tennis ball olives or three?

  5. Tailor made for the Star Wars fans and their faux-Ewok helpers.

     ewok dog costumeSource

  6. Perfect for those dancing dogs who dream of living in Hawaii!

  7. This puppy is ready to climb the corporate ladder.

     formal dog costume


  8. For only the saints of the dog park! This doggy priest is ready to give you his blessings.

  9. Who doesn't love sushi with a side of cuteness? Wasabi and soy sauce on the side.

    sushi dog costume Source

  10. This pooch is just as soft and snuggly as your childhood teddy bear. This one comes with a wagging tail and puppy kisses!

  11. Is it a pig or a pug? Or a puggly pig?

  12. A whole different spin on the tale of Red Riding Hood! Is your husky really a wolf in disguise?

  13. This tiny chihuahua is as daring as a bat. In a moment, he may fly across the room with those giant wings!

  14. This is for the Wizard of Oz fans! No doubt this "Tin Man" pooch already has a big heart.

  15. This dog shows off his love of nature! A canine assistant to tend to your garden, perhaps?

  16. Showing off his love of a coffee and donut chain, this pup is as sweet as can be.

  17. This princess is showing off her crown and is ready to have her moment.


    dog princess costume


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