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  • 1. What Does This Product Do?

  • 2. Are Your Products Made In The USA?

  • 3. What Are The Ingredients?

  • 4. How Many Chews Come In A Bottle?

  • 5. What Flavor Are Your Soft Chews?

  • 6. How Many Calories Are In Each Chew?

  • 7. What Is The Recommended Dosage?

  • 8. How Can I Use My Coupon on Amazon?

  • 9. My Claim Code Isn't Working, What Should I Do?

  • 10. What Is Your Return Policy?

  • 11. Does Your Formula Contain Palm Oil?

  • 12. Are Your Products Tested For Safety?

  • 13. Why Are Your Running This Promotion?

  • 14. How Do I Know This Is Not A Scam?

  • 15. Does This Include Free Shipping?

  • 16. Should The Chews Be Given All At Once Or Can The Dosage Be Divided Throughout The Day?

  • 17. Do You Recommend Giving The Soft Chews With Food?

  • 18. What Is The Shelf Life?

  • 19. Do The Chews Stay Soft And Fresh Once The Bottle Is Open?

  • 20. My Dog Did Not Eat The Chews. Is There Something We Can Do To Encourage Them To Eat Them?

  • 21. What If My Dog Doesn't Like Them?

  • 22. How Long Does It Take Before We Will Observe A Positive Change In Our Dog?

  • 23. Can I Give My Dog Multiple Doggie Dailies Products?

  • 24. Is This Product Safe For Puppies?

  • 25. Are Doggie Dailies Soft Chews Cooked?

  • 26. Are The Bottles Used For Your Supplements BPA Free?